Our Values

At Leesburg Grace we believe discipleship is a whole life, lifelong commitment to Master Jesus, enjoying His presence, obeying his teaching, and imitating His Kingdom mission.  Moreover, discipleship happens on purpose with others over a lifetime. The following 19 Marks of Maturity help us focus our discipleship and celebrate growth at Leesburg Grace.

We want every disciple to KNOW the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (so we have eternal life)

…His inspired Word (so we obey)                                 

…His unfolding story (so we know His work and our place)

…how to interpret the Bible (so we follow its logic)         

…how to trace redemptive threads (so we grasp its theology)

…our identity in Christ Jesus (so we embrace our standing)          

…our primary calling (so we love God and others)

We want every disciple to BE conformed to the image of Jesus

… trusting in God (not self-reliant)         

… holy in character (not impure)            

… humble in service (not proud)

… intentional in witness (not ashamed)   

… just and forgiving (not embittered)     

… grateful and joyous (not entitled)

… relationally bold (not afraid)             

… spiritually fruitful (not stagnant)         

… critical thinker (not naïve)

We want every disciple to DO all things to the glory of God

… Practicing spiritual disciplines (worship, prayer, study, etc.)                  

… Practicing stewardship (time, gifts, influence)

… Engaging our spiritual family (one another and accountability)

… Engaging our spheres of influence (witness and spiritual warfare)