All Together

All Together

Jan 2022 - Mar 2022
Sermons in this series
Sun, Mar 27, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 42 mins 9 secs
We live in a contentious space. Certain topics can cause relational breakdown and emotional eruptions. Too many of us are swimming in "argument scripts." We may even add to the noise. This goes against our calling to live as gracious people. Followers of Christ should build up and point others to Jesus with their words. They should do it with their lives. Paul asks the church in Colossae to live this way: winsomely.
Sun, Mar 20, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 50 mins 19 secs
Do everything for Christ includes family life. This is Paul's next topic in Colossians. He makes use of a household code, but turns it on its head by addressing society's "lower" members first: wives, children, and slaves. He calls them to obedience, as well as husbands, fathers, and masters. Household codes require cultural translation. Ultimately, they are less rigid rules for family power dynamics than case studies in how close relationships work. The general rule is that we should elevate those around us.
Sun, Mar 13, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 45 mins 11 secs
After encouraging a glorious mindset, Paul commends his readers to live gloriously. This requires getting rid of selfish ways of relating to others. Using the metaphor of attire, Paul states that virtue always remains in vogue. And nothing is more attractive than a loving, supportive, uplifting community. To emulate Jesus in the world, our attitude and interactions should look like his.
Sun, Mar 06, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 43 mins 1 sec
Paul takes a positive turn. After warning his readers to refuse religion, he focuses them again on Jesus. Using two similar commands -- set your mind on/think -- he encourages a glorious mindset. Jesus should be the center of our thoughts. Setting our mind on his death, resurrection, rule, and return will keep our minds from self-centered and self-destructed thoughts. Mindset matters.
Sun, Feb 20, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 41 mins 23 secs
Have you ever run into really religious people who come across as superior? Have you ever been that religious person? What is it about the word religion that makes us cringe? How do you respond when people call Christianity a religion? Well, if you read Colossians, you realize the apostle Paul was not a fan of religion. He undercuts the religious impulses infecting the Colossians. He wants a relationship with Jesus Christ as the focal point of the church, not a bunch of rules.
Sun, Feb 13, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 48 mins 44 secs
The Olympics. The Super Bowl. What a great season for competition. They say there can only be one champion. Well, here's some good news: If you walk with Jesus, his victory is yours. The apostle Paul talks about this truth in Colossians 2:6-15 as he transitions to the next part of his letter, the exhortation section. We encounter his first commands: Keep Walking! Stay Alert! We do this by walking in Jesus's victory over sin, death, and Satan. You CAN do it, too!
Sun, Feb 06, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 46 mins 5 secs
Sometimes our works is assigned. God gives it to us or it comes as part of our current life station. Other times work is selected. We follow a dream, pour out our hearts, make our knuckles bleed, and bear fruit. God made us to work. Our labors are intended to bring a spotlight on him and help others. The apostle Paul modeled a life of working for God and with God so others could grow in God. We should do this significant work, too.
Sun, Jan 30, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 41 mins 46 secs
Our view of Jesus can be too small, too pedestrian. This does not mean we do not affirm key theological truths about him: He is fully God, fully man; He parted waters; He rose from the dead; He will come again. Despite knowing these things, His intimate present, deep intercession, glorious reign, and imminent return comprise His immensity. The apostle Paul tries to capture this in a poem for the Colossians, which he then turns into an exhortation to keep going in their faith. We all need a grander view of Jesus.
Sun, Jan 16, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 43 mins 37 secs
Humans are capable of incredible resolve. We climb mountains, birth babies, run marathons, pull all-nighters, and listen to long sermons. Much of this we do on our own strength; God has made us resilient. However, some challenges exceed our ability to endure. We need a greater source for our resolve. We need God's strength, and we find it in prayer.
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