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Sun, Jul 03, 2022
Duration: 46 mins 5 secs
When asked about the greatest command, Jesus didn't hesitate: "Love God with everything." The source of this teaching was the famous catechesis of ancient Israel, often called the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5). The Shema joins a theological statement with a command. It confesses the uniqueness of God and calls for loving him. God is the single greatest reality. Love is our single greatest responsibility. Such faith is formed best in community.
Sun, Jun 26, 2022
Duration: 39 mins 28 secs
We have all made plans: vacation plans, meal plans, social plans, home improvement plans. And we have all seen our plans dissolve. Our plans are always contingent, subject to forces beyond our control. God plans, too. His plans are big, good, long-term, and impossible to thwart. This sermon kicks off a formative series where we will memorize a well-known passage of Scripture together. Today's is Jeremiah 29:11-13.
Sun, Jun 19, 2022
Duration: 30 mins 59 secs
John talks about running to God and letting him run our lives. The alternative, when the "I" takes over, is to ruin our lives.
Sun, Jun 12, 2022
Passage: John 6:1-15
Duration: 26 mins 6 secs
Ryan Burgher talks about God's call to start Agaitas sports ministries. The story of the boy with a little bread and little fish compelled him to offer what he had in Christian service.
Sun, Jun 05, 2022
Duration: 50 mins 5 secs
Pastor Larry McCall speaks about guarding your heart.
Sun, May 29, 2022
Duration: 33 mins 58 secs
One of our friends from the city talks about being lights in the world.
Sun, May 22, 2022
Duration: 42 mins 42 secs
Matt Boren shares an extended testimony of God's work in his life.
Sun, May 15, 2022
Duration: 39 mins 35 secs
Rick Koontz speaks about the importance of living with wisdom, which God provides, in our confusing times.
Sun, May 08, 2022
Series: Friending
Duration: 45 mins 18 secs
Family comprise many of the first and last people we see and engage with in this life. They bookend our earthly existence, shaping our identity and values. This does not mean family life is without problems. We have all experienced (and caused) deep hurts in family life. And yet, family bonds persist. Thus, we must learn to be friendly with family.
Sun, May 01, 2022
Passage: & Luke 10:38-42
Series: Friending
Duration: 38 mins 36 secs
A spiritual companion comes along side of us in our discipleship to Jesus. They may serve a formal role (e.g., spiritual director) or informal one (e.g., spiritual friend), but in either case they help us hear from God and locate him in our lives. A spiritual director directs, attends, and prays with us. A spiritual friend loves, listens, and discerns with us. Spiritual companions find Jesus in their friendships; we need such friends.
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