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Sun, Jul 21, 2024
Duration: 43 mins 42 secs
Jesus prayed. It guided his decisions, empowered his ministry, and sustained him in crisis. Not only does he model a praying life but also invites us into a life of prayer. Sadly, when he invited Peter, James, and John to pray with him for three hours in Gethsemane, his inner circle failed to intercede. Instead, they fell asleep. Like them, our prayer lives need awakened. This sermon will invite us into a dialogue with our loving God.
Sun, Jun 30, 2024
Passage: Mark 10:17-31
Duration: 43 mins 33 secs
Do you have any clothes or shoes in your closet you have not worn all year? Do you have any books or DVDs in your collection you have not looked at in years? Any tools you never use? Why do we hold on to so much stuff? Is it possible that it has a hold on us? This sermon revisits our 2024 Theme (Less Is More). To a wealthy young man (Mark 10), Jesus extends an invitation to simplicity. The offer applies to us, as well.
Sun, Jun 23, 2024
Duration: 44 mins 44 secs
Help Wanted: The harvest is plentiful but workers are few. Will you join God's mission? This invitation is not general. Listen closely, and you will hear Jesus call your name. He wants to be with you, empower you, and send you into the world to tell his story. This sermon will describe three ways of joining God's mission, as well as four ways we SHOW care to show Christ.
Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Passage: Mark 1:14-20
Duration: 49 mins 48 secs
Jesus invites us to follow him. He calls us to be with him and become like him. This is discipleship and it is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. Mark's gospel opens with a general call to repent and believe, followed by a personal call to discipleship. To Peter, Andrew, James, and John, Jesus extends an invitation: "Follow me." The invitation comes with a promise: "I will make you into fishers of men." When we follow Jesus we are formed by him. This sermon will consider echo Jesus's invitation to follow him. How will you respond?
Sun, Jun 09, 2024
Passage: John 1:14-51
Duration: 43 mins 19 secs
We are natural born seekers. As infants, we look for a face that beholds us with love. As children we play games of hide and seek. As we age, we seek friendships, spouses, and meaningful work. Along the way, we need people to guide us. They join our quest. These truths hold true in our search for God. If we want to see him and dwell with him for eternity, we must seek Jesus. Good news: He sought us first!
Sun, Jun 02, 2024
Duration: 45 mins 49 secs
"What do you want?" This question is profound. It goes deeper than your latest Starbucks order or craving for a good night of sleep. It gets to the heart, and your heart is at the center of your being. Your heart desires, years, chooses, and schemes. Your heart organizes your life around what you love. We are not healthy humans without healthy desire. This sermon will explain the divine origins of our desire and six ways to cultivate healthy desire.
Sun, May 26, 2024
Duration: 51 mins 42 secs
We will not be spiritually healthy if we are socially isolated. God made us for relationships. Without them, we fail to thrive. This idea is backed by science. Both the Surgeon General's report on the loneliness epidemic and early childhood research on attachment confirm our social wiring. This is no surprise: Our Triune God is essentially relational and made us in his image. Love is the primary calling. This sermon offers six ways to get better at relationships.
Sun, May 19, 2024
Duration: 41 mins 5 secs
Angels are incredible beings. However, lest we make too much of them, we should them in light of their relationship to the Father, Son, and believers. This sermon looks at Hebrews 1, a rich biblical reflection on how angels relate to the Father, Son, and us.
Sun, May 12, 2024
Duration: 45 mins 21 secs
Emotions are signals and connectors. They live and flow deep within us. Sometimes they emerge in unexpected ways. While our culture makes too much of them, in the church we have relegated emotions to the basement of our spiritual lives. We must unearth them. Emotions are essential to our humanity, and they reflect the nature of God. This sermon will provide a theology of emotions and six ways to become more emotionally healthy.
Sun, May 05, 2024
Duration: 49 mins 48 secs
"You are your body." While this phrase is not only contested in contemporary, secular debate, this belief has also crept into the church. We have a low view of the body. And yet, this goes against the biblical evidence that describes our bodies being good and essential by design. This sermon casts a biblical vision for the body, helping us to embrace our embodiment and become healthier humans.
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