Welcome to Leesburg Grace!

We love people and our community! And we look forward to meeting you.
We know that visiting a church for the first time can be a bit uncomfortable.
For some help on what to expect, check out this short video!

At a Glance: Leesburg Grace is a small church (around 100) in a small town (around 600) with an immense God. We were established in 1964 as a local congregation of Jesus followers. Our vision is to resource our people in Christ and reach others for Christ. Our ministries, activities, and worship services move us in this direction. 

Our Sunday Morning Worship: We gather weekly for corporate worship on Sundays (10:15 AM); this is a central practice. We connect with one another, read the Bible, sing a few songs, pray, and listen to messages about God, life, struggles, and spiritual growth. Our services are casual. Kids stay with the adults until the sermon when they are dismissed for their classes. The nursery provides childcare for infants and toddlers. People often arrive early for snacks or linger afterward to catch up. At 9:00 AM we host an Engaging Hour (February–May; August–November) to discuss various topics about the Bible, culture, and relationships.

Our Ministries: We provide various ministries to reach people at different stages of life. Grace Kids comprises children PreK to 6th grade, divided into an older (2nd–6th grades) and younger (PreK to 1st grade). It meets weekly during the worship service and runs occasional events. These include Tea Parties, Building Days, Soccer Camps, and Ninja Nights.

Youth Group serves 6th to 12th grades. It meets weekly on Wednesday nights during the school year, intermittently in the summer, and runs occasional events. These include Laser Tag, All Nighters, Service Projects, and Momentum Youth Conference.

Adult Ministries include men’s and women’s events, retreats, and Bible studies. Book Clubs, Dinner Clubs, and Small Groups comprise all adults.

Our Events: We organize a variety of events to build memories with our church and reach out to the community. For community outreach we have partnered with local PTO and sports ministries, distributed food and gas cards, painted curbs and hosted festivals. We regularly reach out on Easter weekend, Memorial Day, and Halloween. To build memories we have hosted game nights and Valentine’s banquets, thrown dance parties and dodgeballs, played softball and gone camping. 

Our Affiliation: We are part of the Charis Fellowship, whose commitment to biblical truth, relationship, and mission we uphold.