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Sun, May 31, 2020
Duration: 50 mins 58 secs
The apostle Paul calls believers in Ephesus to "walk worthy of their calling." These are diverse people, divided people, whom Jesus brought together as a single family. They share a single faith in Him who died for them and raised them to new life. This new, worthy life included living together in a spirit of humility. In our individualistic age, humility, gentleness, and sacrifice for others requires God's Spirit to help us.
Sun, Apr 05, 2020
Duration: 35 mins 42 secs
The apostle Paul was a theologian of the Cross. Jesus's scandalous death disrupted his life. He centered much of his preaching to declaring the wisdom and benefits of the Cross. This message traces the theme of the Cross through Paul's writing, encouraging us to appreciate Jesus's costly victory.
Sun, Jul 10, 2016
Duration: 38 mins 34 secs
The curb appeal for the church should not be bustling children's ministries, innovative outreach efforts, or exegetical preaching. Jesus said love should define believers. Unfortunately, bad press and bad behavior has given the church a bad reputation -- throwing punches, not giving hugs. This sermon calls for a return to love, the central ethic for followers of Jesus.
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