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Sun, Jul 02, 2023
Detours come when we least expect them. Flooded roads. Stopped trains. Roadwork. Whatever the cause, detours reroute us and test our patience. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, this was the ultimate detour. And yet, the father of the faith journey navigates the detour calmly. His posture of surrender allowed him to make a gesture of sacrifice. This remarkable story seals God's promise to Abraham and shows how his provision comes in surprising ways.
Sun, Nov 27, 2022
We see evil all around us. We see it if we look within us. Evil is pervasive. But it does have a divine expiration date. Zechariah learns in his final three visions that God will take care of evil. He will banish it, cover it, prevent it from taking over the earth. He is in control. This is encouraging news to Zechariah and should be for us.
Sun, Nov 06, 2022
Zechariah opens his book with an invitation: Return to God. His summons home depicts God as merciful, compassionate, and longsuffering. The portrait frames the remainder of the book, full of visions and oracles. From the outset, Zechariah sees God on the move. His protection is real: he patrols the earth. His promises will prevail: he will rebuild Jerusalem. Thus, God's reliability and activity should inspire his people to get unstuck and make a move.
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