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Sun, Jul 16, 2023
All good things come to an end. Abraham's journey -- launch, construction zones, dark nights, milestones, and detours -- reaches it final chapters. He buries his beloved bride Sarah. He finds a bride for his beloved son Isaac. He expands his family through a second marriage. Then he dies, and his sons bury him beside Sarah in the family tomb. None of us can escape death. It is the final destination. We can deny it, fear it, or face it with hope knowing it is only the beginning of eternal life with God.
Sun, Jul 02, 2023
Detours come when we least expect them. Flooded roads. Stopped trains. Roadwork. Whatever the cause, detours reroute us and test our patience. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, this was the ultimate detour. And yet, the father of the faith journey navigates the detour calmly. His posture of surrender allowed him to make a gesture of sacrifice. This remarkable story seals God's promise to Abraham and shows how his provision comes in surprising ways.
Sun, Jun 25, 2023
Accidents happen. Some are caused by reckless living. Some are acts of God. (We'll let the insurance agents make those determinations!) Though we cannot avoid accidents, we can live with "faithful presence" so our lives and prayers extend God's common grace to those around us. In this sermon, we will consider Abraham's response to news of disaster coming to Sodom and Gomorrah where his nephew Lot is located.
Sun, Jun 18, 2023
Pastor Tim and Pastor Aaron embark on a drive and engage in a conversation about Abraham, faith, circumcision, and Jesus. Their talk stems from Genesis 17. When God speaks, faith responds immediately.
Sun, Jun 11, 2023
Duration: 48 mins 51 secs
Abram and Sarai have a hard time waiting for God's timing. The promise of a child lingers, so they take issues into their own hands, enlisting Hagar as a surrogate. Embracing the wait is hard. Faith is full of slow downs, stand stills, and difficult moments. Nevertheless, God sees us.
Sun, Jun 04, 2023
Driving at night may be exciting at first, but it eventually feels lonely. The hours drag on. The road stretches out. The dawn lingers. Faith can feel like a dark night--lonely, restless, endless. Perhaps you have felt the dark night of the soul. Abraham did. He questioned God. Doubts swelled when the promises of God delayed. The good news is this: God never leaves you in the dark night, but uses the time to deepen your faith.
Sun, May 21, 2023
We cannot cruise too long in life. Eventually we come to a construction zone. These are places of divine testing. Difficult circumstances reveal what is within us. Are we fearful or faithful? Honest or deceptive? Abraham ran into a construction zone in Canaan when famine struck. He escaped to Egypt but not his fear of dying. This construction zone exposed his false self and God's faithfulness. And it shows us that faith finds the way through, not the way out.
Sun, May 14, 2023
The journey of faith begins with a launch. We all have a point where we respond to God's call. God called Abram to go from Haran. Jesus called the disciples to "come and follow." The invitation is a summons from what is familiar. Too often we settle, which stunts our growth, so God sends us into unfamiliar territory. We must look and listen for these launch points if we want our faith to continue flourishing.
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