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Sun, Feb 06, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 46 mins 5 secs
Sometimes our works is assigned. God gives it to us or it comes as part of our current life station. Other times work is selected. We follow a dream, pour out our hearts, make our knuckles bleed, and bear fruit. God made us to work. Our labors are intended to bring a spotlight on him and help others. The apostle Paul modeled a life of working for God and with God so others could grow in God. We should do this significant work, too.
Sun, Jan 30, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 41 mins 46 secs
Our view of Jesus can be too small, too pedestrian. This does not mean we do not affirm key theological truths about him: He is fully God, fully man; He parted waters; He rose from the dead; He will come again. Despite knowing these things, His intimate present, deep intercession, glorious reign, and imminent return comprise His immensity. The apostle Paul tries to capture this in a poem for the Colossians, which he then turns into an exhortation to keep going in their faith. We all need a grander view of Jesus.
Sun, Jan 16, 2022
Series: All Together
Duration: 43 mins 37 secs
Humans are capable of incredible resolve. We climb mountains, birth babies, run marathons, pull all-nighters, and listen to long sermons. Much of this we do on our own strength; God has made us resilient. However, some challenges exceed our ability to endure. We need a greater source for our resolve. We need God's strength, and we find it in prayer.
Sun, Jan 02, 2022
Duration: 49 mins 22 secs
At the beginning of a new year, we often think of ways we want to change and grow. Spiritual growth fits that thinking. However, spiritual growth isn't something we can simply set a goal for. It happens supernaturally. And it happens through nurture in the local church. This sermon will talk about how our local church aims to resource you this year.
Sun, Dec 19, 2021
Duration: 38 mins 54 secs
Before the Christ was a person, it was a position loaded with anticipation. In Jesus's day, people expected the Christ to be a strong king in the line of David, a holy priest, a prophet; some envisioned two Christs. Regardless, Jesus defied all the expectations becoming a Christ who would suffer for the people to set them free. This secured an eternal relationship with Jesus, whereby we are "in Christ" and he is in us. Indeed, Christ is more than position; he is a person who loves us.
Sun, Dec 12, 2021
Duration: 38 mins 57 secs
What we save shows what we value. We save coupons, Christmas ornaments, plastic grocery bags, and a thousand other things. Each item signifies security, flexibility, utility, or identity. Jesus saved people, all types of people. His salvation is comprehensive, beautiful, and necessary. His title "Savior" is central to the Christmas story.
Sun, Dec 05, 2021
Duration: 41 mins 29 secs
The first name from the nativity is "Immanuel," which means God with us. An angel proclaims this name to Joseph in a dream. He cites a prophecy that God will dwell with his people from Isaiah. This theme of "God with us" reaches back to Genesis, shows up in the OT covenants, and takes a leap forward in the gospels. This sermon provides a theology of "God with us," and a clear invitation to "practice the presence" of Jesus.
Sun, Nov 28, 2021
Duration: 43 mins 59 secs
We've reached the final chapter of Esther. First there is bloodshed as the Jewish people defend themselves from enemies. Then there is merriment as the Jewish people celebrate their deliverance. These final two chapters explain the origin of Purim, a Jewish festival marking the Jews victory over annihilation. Their joyous celebration continues to inspire us to share our God-given joys.
Sun, Nov 21, 2021
Duration: 45 mins 8 secs
Two months have passed since Haman's execution. And yet, Haman's edict to exterminate the Jews remains a threat. Esther again musters her courage, approaches the king, as requests his mercy. She asks the king to write a new edict reversing the first. He grants Mordecai permission to write an edict allowing the Jews to defend themselves. He does and sends it to every province in Persia. This good news makes the Jews joyful. God has preserved his people; they celebrate in kind.
Sun, Nov 14, 2021
Passage: Esther 7:1-10
Duration: 44 mins 12 secs
Esther's second feast has begun. King Xerxes has run out of patience. Haman is covered in shame. When the king asks Queen Esther for her petition and requests, she offers a brilliant, calibrated response, which exposes her Jewish identity and accuses Haman of attempted genocide. Things go from bad to worse for Haman, when the king catches Haman draped over his wife. Now he has a reason to impale Haman, who ends up dead on the very pole he crafted for Mordecai's execution. Reversals continue in this dramatic book: here it begins when Esther comes out of hiding.
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